I started my non profit in order to give back to my community in a positive way. As I watch my daughter grow I understand the importance of mentor-ship, education, and creating opportunities for the next generation to be successful.

Michelle Seiler Tucker

Founder of Tuckers Teens & Tots 

Tuckers Teens & Tots provides the opportunity to better the lives of children who have been abused and neglected to create a better future for our youth and provide personalized learning & modalities that caters to my mission of focusing on  “HOW OUR KIDS ARE SMART, NOT HOW SMART OUR KIDS ARE.”   

Tucker Teens & Tots will revolutionize the education industry! We will throw away the traditional box that schools kids are placed in.  Tucker Teens & Tots is an unique and inspirational school where students are encouraged to focus on their strengths and interest and strive academically while dignity, acceptance, trust, and love are fostered through:

1.  Individual assessment and instruction.

2.  A unique team dedicated to accessing the child’s individual strengths and utilizing teaching methods that involve the parents, teachers, interventionists 

3. Community collaborations intended to increase expectations and outcomes for these students.


Tuckers Teen & Tots was founded in 2018 by Michelle Seiler Tucker. Her desire to help neglected and abused children is  grounded by her love for her own daughter Arabella


Entrepreneurial lessons, skills and placements along with business partnerships to assist our youth to better their future. 


Tuckers Teens & Tots have partnered with Seiler Tucker Inc. which overseas funding, resources, and event planning.


A unique nonprofit that focuses on "HOW OUR KIDS ARE SMART, NOT HOW SMART OUR KIDS ARE.

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400 Poydras St #1460, New Orleans, LA 70130